Rosicrucian Magic and Symbols

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Rosicrucian Magic and Symbols
Rosicrucian Magic and Symbols: The Ultimate Guide to Rosicrucianism and Its Similarity to Occultism, Jewish Mysticism, Hermeticism, and Christian Gnosticism (Spiritual Philosophies) by Mari Silva
English | 2022 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B0B19BSPMV | 134 pages | EPUB | 1.57 Mb
Have you ever asked yourself what the real meaning behind the rose cross is?

Have you ever wondered about its significance in Rosicrucian culture?
Ever wondered about the significance of Rosicrucian history today?
This book aims to explore and discuss the fascinating esoteric meanings behind many different symbols used by the Rosicrucian Order and its various mystery schools. If you are curious about the symbolism and magic associated with the rose cross, this book is for you.
In this book, you will:Explore the origins of RosicrucianismLearn about the history and mysteries surrounding Christian RosenkreuzUnderstand the truth behind alchemy and its symbolismUncover the symbols used by Kabbalists around the worldUnderstand the different theories regarding Merkavah mysticismDiscover the secrets of Western esotericism and practical Rosicrucianism
This book is ideal for the avid seeker interested in learning about symbols by studying the Western Esoteric tradition. Also included are two bonus chapters that reveal even more about symbols and magic used within Western Esotericism.

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