100 Ways to Be Kind Everyday Actions to Change Your Life and Save the World

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100 Ways to Be Kind Everyday Actions to Change Your Life and Save the World
Theresa Cheung, "100 Ways to Be Kind: Everyday Actions to Change Your Life and Save the World"
English | 2020 | ISBN: 1800190913 | 218 pages | AZW3 / EPUB / MOBI | 1.1 MB
Acts of everyday kindness can boost your mood and immunity, lower blood pressure, ease anxiety, slow the ageing process, improve the quality of your relationships (including the one you have with yourself) and give you a sense of deep meaning and purpose.

100 Ways to be Kind is a road map of practical, simple and immediately actionable ways to be kind including how to be kinder to yourself, to others and to nature.
Theresa debunks the damaging myth that being kind is a weakness and shows that it is not anger or aggression that brings out our true inner grit, but kindness.
Science has proven that there are powerful, potentially lifesaving reasons to be kind. The kinder you are, the more likely you are to experience happiness.
Kindness is the simple and scientifically proven remedy that everyone needs to administer right now. So, if you want to harness the power of kindness to transform your life and help save the world at the same time but aren't quite sure how - this book is for you.
Read what everyone is saying about 100 Ways to Be Kind
'This is exactly the book I needed to read right now. So much insight on kindness... I love this book, it's great to pick up when needed a little inspiration on how to be kind, or if you need a reminder to be kinder to yourself and laugh a little.' Goodreads reviewer
'Who couldn't use a little more kindness in their life? ... I was expecting a list, but her book is so much more. You could focus on self kindness or kindness online or seek out whatever type of kindness appeals to you.' Goodreads reviewer
'This beautiful new book by Theresa Cheung is as timely as it is uplifting... the first book I have seen that offers solid ways to get your mind re-focused on what is important in life... offers new and clever ways of sharing kindness and love to others when it is most desperately needed.' Goodreads reviewer
'An insightful and easy to follow guide on actions you can take to be kind to yourself and others.' Goodreads reviewer
'An easy to implement guide to adding kind actions to your daily life... A good reminder of how easy it is to help others and feel better about yourself in the process.' Goodreads reviewer

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