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Neuro-Linguistic Programming How To Use Mind Reading Techniques


Neuro-Linguistic Programming How To Use Mind Reading Techniques
Neuro-Linguistic Programming: How To Use Mind Reading Techniques by Eustolia Gordner
English | 2021 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B09NFH5G5W | 378 pages | EPUB | 0.38 Mb
Understanding colleagues, clients, and associates are critical in shaping the decision at work. Regardless of differences in belief, language, race, and social status, people still have many things in common. We love, suffer, hope, and laugh in the same way, so why don't you think you can't understand someone?

This book is what you are looking for, which exposes the signals and useful tips to analyze people through body language, facial expression, and behavior imitation, especially using NLP techniques.
-Components of NLP and NLP Techniques
-How NLP Works, its importance and effectiveness
-Safeguarding Yourself From NLP Mind Control
-Six Principles of Persuasion
-Persuasion Techniques
-Advanced Tips and Tricks to Control People
-Techniques Used In Manipulation: Explication of Different Techniques
-How to protect yourself more effectively from Manipulation Techniques
-Covert Emotional Manipulation Methods
You'll never be able to read someone's mind, however, you can improve your understanding of them. Patience, concern, and appreciation are the most critical elements of understanding. You will eventually learn to read other people's attitudes and behaviors.

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