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Margaret Atwood's Dystopian Fiction


Margaret Atwood's Dystopian Fiction
Sawomir Kunicki, "Margaret Atwood's Dystopian Fiction"
English | ISBN: 1443883670 | 2017 | 230 pages | PDF | 1100 KB
This volume details Margaret Atwoods dystopian novels through the themes of the ambivalent ethics of science and technology, the position of women in the male-dominated world, and the ambiguous role played by religion and spirituality. The books unique and original approach places Atwoods fiction within the contemporary world, with all the problems of our fast-changing reality. Furthermore, it provides an excellent reading of her dystopias in a broader, humanist context, with an emphasis on the social, cultural and political issues that have been important for both her, the writer, and us, the readers.

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