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Ethnomusicological Encounters with Music and Musicians Essays in Honor of Robert Garfias


Ethnomusicological Encounters with Music and Musicians Essays in Honor of Robert Garfias
Ethnomusicological Encounters with Music and Musicians: Essays in Honor of Robert Garfias By Timothy Rice
2011 | 350 Pages | ISBN: 140942037X | PDF | 4 MB
Designed as a tribute to ethnomusicologist Robert Garfias, who has conducted field work in more cultures than any other living ethnomusicologist, this volume explores the originating encounter in field work of ethnomusicologists with the musicians and musical traditions they study. The nineteen contributors provide case studies from nearly every corner of the world, including biographies of important musicians from the Philippines, Turkey, Lapland, and Korea; interviews with, and reports of learning from, musicians from Ireland, Bulgaria, Burma, and India; and, analyses of how traditional musicians adapt to the encounter with modernity in Japan, India, China, Turkey, Afghanistan, Morocco, and the United States. The book also provides a window into the history of ethnomusicology, since all the contributors have had a relationship with the University of Washington, home to one of the oldest programs in ethnomusicology in the United States. Inspired by the example of Robert Garfias, they are all indefatigable field researchers and among the leading authorities in the world on their particular musical cultures. The contributions illustrate the core in their approach to the discipline of ethnomusicology at the same time that they deal with a remarkably wide range of perspectives, themes, issues, and theoretical questions. Readers should find this collection of essays a fascinating, indeed surprising, glimpse into an important aspect of the history of ethnomusicology.

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