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Bird Migration A New Understanding


Bird Migration A New Understanding
Bird Migration: A New Understanding by John H. Rappole
English | February 22, 2022 | ASIN: B099NWZB7V, ISBN: 1421442388 | True AZW3 | 341 pages | 3.9 MB
A fascinating and nuanced exploration of why, how, and which birds migrate.

Bird migration captivates the human imagination, yet for most of us, key aspects of the phenomenon remain a mystery. How do birds sense the ideal moment to take wing, and once the epic journey has begun, how do they find their distant destinations? Fresh insights about avian movements are still constantly emerging, powered by new tools like molecular genetics and transmitter miniaturization.
In this book, renowned ornithologist and author John H. Rappole reveals intriguing results of recent scientific studies on migration, explaining their importance for birders, nature lovers, and researchers alike. Debunking misconceptions about the lives of birds that have persisted for thousands of years, Rappole explores unexpected causes and previously misunderstood aspects of the annual migration cycle. From the role of migrating birds in zoonotic disease transmission to climate change's impact on migration patterns, Rappole tackles crucial questions and ensures that readers come away with a new understanding of why and how birds migrate.

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