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Freestyle Bonsai How to pot, grow, prune, and shape - Bend the rules of traditional bonsai


Freestyle Bonsai How to pot, grow, prune, and shape - Bend the rules of traditional bonsai
English | 2022 | ISBN: 0760371970 | 460 pages | True EPUB | 27.54 MB
Learn the tools and techniques of bonsai to get started potting, shaping, and caring for your own collection of tiny trees, all while learning it's okay to bend the rules along the way.Though bonsai is steeped in ancient traditions and techniques, it doesn't have to be intimidating and difficult. A new generation of bonsai enthusiasts are discoveringthe joys of growing these miniaturized works of living art, and inFreestyle Bonsai, bonsai artists and growers Jerome and Mari Kellerhals of The Bonsai Supply show you how you, too, can grow beautiful bonsai trees without judgement or the stress of perfection. The art of bonsai is personal, andlearning how to train trees to pleaseyouis the only thing that matters. While the history and tradition of the art is respected and honored throughout,Freestyle Bonsaiis as much aboutgiving you permissionto bend the rulesas it is about introducing you to them.
You'll learn

Which tree species are the best for beginnersA breakdown of bonsai tools and how to use themHow to successfully pot a bonsai treeEasy bonsai styling, including clipping, training, and wiring techniquesCare and maintenance tips for your bonsai collectionStep-by-step shaping instructions to create ten different bonsai styles
Whether your trees are grown indoors or out,bonsai is a relaxing hobby with gorgeous results. Like every other art form out there, bonsai comes from the heart. Live a #bonsailife with guidance and inspiration fromFreestyle Bonsai.

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