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Software / UtilitiesAdguard Premium 6.3.1303.3881 RC Multilingual

Adguard Premium 6.3.1303.3881 RC Multilingual
Adguard Premium 6.3.1303.3881 RC Multilingual
File Size: 36.9 MB
Adguard is a unique program that has all the necessary features for the best web experience. First of all, it's an ad blocker. Adguard lets you fully enjoy the Internet without any distractions. Watch the videos you want to watch, not annoying pre-rolls, and browse websites for content not tons of banners. Adguard gives you freedom of choice and saves your nerves.

It also makes the Internet a safer place: blocks the loading of dangerous websites, speeds up the page loading, secures your privacy and much more. Works perfectly with all browsers!

What can Adguard do?
- Ad Blocker. Blocking of all kinds of ads, high-quality filtering of traffic on the background. Ads are removed even before pages are loaded in the browser.
- Browsing Security. Protection from phishing and malicious websites. Adguard checks every page for any malicious content using our databases, and blocks requests from potentially dangerous ones.
- Stealth Mode. This module will not allow anyone to track your activities on the Internet. Blocking of third-parties cookies, hiding IP address and other features for protection of your personal data.
- Parental Control. Protection of children online. Blocks access to inappropriate websites, removes obscene materials from search results and much more.

Why Adguard?
- Adguard works in all browsers. Safari, Chrome - you name it. No exceptions.
- Easy to install. A couple of clicks, and your PC is protected from ads. You don't have to struggle with overcomplicated settings - just surf the net and Adguard will do all the work.
- Blocking video ads. Any video ad, on any site - Adguard will block it.
- Application filtering. Adguard blocks ads of any kinds and not only in all browsers, but in programs as well! Even in Windows UI applications (apps from Windows Store).
- Adguard has intuitive and simple UI with such additional features like Adguard Assistant, Filter editor and Filtering log.
- Daily ad filters and phishing databases updates.

New in version 6:
- Adguard user interface has been completely redesigned. Now has a modern Adguard "tile" design.
- Adguard been translated into many languages. This includes a user interface assistant Adguard, filters, etc.
- The positions of the application window is now saved and restored when you restart the application.
- in the notification menu redesigned, improved availability of different options through the notification area.
- The interface of the new version is much more friendly to blind users or users with low vision.
- The speed of the user interface and loading speed were significantly optimized memory consumption greatly reduced.
- Now, when you first start Adguard shows the welcome screen for you to determine Adguard and briefly telling about its capabilities.
- Upgrading to a new version of Adguard 5 is now possible and does not lead to a loss of settings.
- New ability to change the channel updates on "Beta" and get all the beta updates, including updates Assistant and extensions.
- Anti tracking - a new module has been added. It protects your personal information online in various ways, including blocking cookies external sources, hiding IP addresses, and much more.
- Improved support for application filtering. Now Adguard automatically detects the applications installed on your computer and offers filtering them. This applies to the Windows app store.
- Editor filters and filtration magazine have been completely redesigned. You will find a fresh design and improved functionality.
- You can now use the new search feature throughout the program for any keyword by typing it in the text box in the upper right corner.
- Now you can add any filter to the URL or set the path to a local file on your computer, and Adguard will automatically track it changes.
- Extensions were made into a separate module that can be turned on and off as a whole.
- Security custom extensions has been greatly improved.
- numerous additions and improvements to the filtering process were made, separately worth noting the support of the new rules and modifiers accelerate filtration.
- Many other changes, which are impossible to list all the changes in the list.[spoiler=What's new:]Hello! Anybody here? There hasn't been a new Windows beta for so long, we are not sure anymore ???? Hopefully, you are still aboard, and you will find the new beta worth the time spent. We believe it is - among other important stuff we greatly reduced the build size, almost twice compared to its former self. Oh, and there's a new update channel now - Nightly. Intrigued? You should be. Read on to find the details.

What's new:
[Changed] Do not ignore HTTP headers with an empty value
[Fixed] Incorrect exception rule is created with Assistant
[Fixed] HTTPS filtering issue with Android Messages
[Fixed] Windows notification center is unavailable after first install Homepage

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