Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player Pro 3.2.26 Multilingual macOS
File size: 47 MB - Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player Pro 3.2.26 Multilingual macOS
Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player Pro version is the best entertainment choice for the original Blu-ray Menu, Blu-ray Disc, ISO files, and BDMV folder. The Pro version enhances UHD 4K video viewing experience and original audio quality, and improves player performance with better hardware acceleration. It can be fully compatible with the latest Mac OS 10.12 Sierra.

1Password 7.0.2 Multilingual macOS

File size: 48.6 MB - 1Password 7.0.2 Multilingual macOS
1Password for Mac - Have you ever forgotten a password? 1Password creates strong, unique passwords for every site, remembers them all for you, and logs you in with a single tap. It's the best way to stay secure and the fastest way to use the web.


Infographics Maker - Templates 3.2.6 Multilingual macOS
File size: 72 MB - Infographics Maker - Templates 3.2.6 Multilingual macOS
Infographics Maker contains a massive collection of thousands of data visualization tools to illustrate and enhance your Apple Pages documents! Every single item is crafted to perfection to be visually captivating and easily customizable.
Infographics Maker for Pages has items for virtually any occasion, from charts and diagrams to editable city, state, country, and region maps, accompanied by a broad selection of national flags and symbols, it has never been easier to explain business results, intricacies of an industry, or focus on a national specifics of any country!


Movavi Photo Editor 5.5.1 Multilingual macOS
File size: 68 MB - Movavi Photo Editor 5.5.1 Multilingual macOS
If you're wondering how to edit photos on your Mac without the hassle of other programs, give this neat little app a try. The clear and simple interface, automatic quality improvements, and smart selection options make photo processing fun! Experiment with backgrounds, delete unwanted objects, apply digital makeup, add filters and textures, tweak parameters using color-coded sliders, straighten, crop and flip frames. Need more disc space on your Macintosh? Scale photos down to reduce their file size.

iNet Network Scanner 2.4.7 macOS
File size: 74 MB - iNet Network Scanner 2.4.7 macOS
iNet - explore your network!Find out about security risks and keep your network under control. This easy to use App outlines a computer network even to the unexperienced user. Is somebody using your network without your knowledge? Which devices are currently online? Which access ports are open? Which services are offered? What is the IP of your router? What is the IP of your router? Wake sleeping devices remotely. Add own icons to found devices .


Money Pro - Personal Finance 1.9.4 Multilingual macOS
File size: 36 MB - Money Pro - Personal Finance 1.9.4 Multilingual macOS
Manage money like a pro. Сhange your spending behavior for good.Money Pro is the one place for bill planning, budgeting and keeping track of your accounts.Money Pro works great for home budgeting and even for business use.Easy sync with iPhone/iPad versions. Money Pro is the next generation of Money app (over 2 million downloads worldwide).


SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro 8E 8.0.21 macOS
File size: 322 MB | SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro 8E 8.0.21 macOS
SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro is a powerful image editor that aims to provide more features than regular digital image manipulators. Furthermore, SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro uses a highly advanced raw engine that will help you to polish your DSLR images to the max. In addition, SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro also provides an easy way to control the path from the picture to the image


JixiPix Premium Pack 1.1.8 macOS
File size: 741 MB - JixiPix Premium Pack 1.1.8 macOS
For maximum savings and convenience, the Premium Pack bundles 18 incredible creative apps into one powerful package: Aquarella, Artista Haiku, Artista Oil, Artista Sketch, Artoon, Chalkspiration, Dramatic Black&White, Grungetastic, Kyoobik Photo, Moku Hanga, NIR Color, Pop Dot Comics, Portrait Painter, Rainy Daze, Romantic Photo, Simply HDR, Snow Daze and Vintage Scene. The Premium Pack comes wrapped together for convenience - one application, one installer, one interface, and a plugin for Photoshop, Elements, Lightroom and PaintShop Pro.

SiteSucker 2.11.4 Multilingual macOS
File size: 4 MB - SiteSucker 2.11.4 Multilingual macOS
SiteSucker is an Macintosh application that automatically downloads Web sites from the Internet. It does this by asynchronously copying the site's webpages, images, PDFs, style sheets, and other files to your local hard drive, duplicating the site's directory structure.

Amadeus Pro 2.4.6 macOS
File size: 20 MB - Amadeus Pro 2.4.6 macOS
Amadeus Pro lets you use your Mac for any audio-related task, such as live audio recording, digitizing tapes and records, converting between a variety of sound formats, etc. Thanks to its outstanding direct-to-disk abilities and waveform caching, edits on arbitrarily large sounds (even beyond the usual 2GB limit) are performed at lightning speed. The handling of large sounds is furthermore facilitated by the extensive support of markers. Its outstanding sound repairing and denoising abilities make Amadeus Pro particularly suitable for transferring vinyl records on CD.