Arturia DX7 V

Arturia DX7 V WiN | 201 Mb
The DX7 V accurately models the FM digital synthesizer that became synonymous with the sound of the '80s. Our enhancements add more of everything to make the new DX7 V a sound for all time.

Arturia CS-80 V

Arturia CS-80 V WiN | 71 Mb
CS-80 V is our modeled version of the legendary Yamaha™ CS-80, considered by many to be the ultimate polyphonic synthesizer of the late '70s.

Arturia CMI V

Arturia CMI V v1.2.0.1391 WiN | 304 Mb
The CMI V is a spot-on reincarnation of the first commercially available digital sampling system in music history-the sonic powerhouse behind numerous early MTV-era megahits. We even went the extra mile and added new creative features that weren't possible back in the day.


Arturia Clavinet V
Arturia Clavinet V WiN | 257 Mb
The Clavinet V faithfully models the electric keyboard that put the funk in many '70s hits. This vintage instrument's unmistakable sound will help your music jump right out of the speakers. No keyboard collection is complete without it.


Arturia B-3 V
Arturia B-3 V WiN | 223 Mb
The B-3 V delivers the most authentic tonewheel organ and rotary speaker experience you'll find anywhere, plus customizations that open up new creative opportunities.


Arturia Buchla Easel V
File size: 121 MB | Arturia Buchla Easel V
The Buchla Easel V is the first recreation of Don Buchla's iconic instrument that helped define experimental West Coast modular synthesis in the early '70s. Our enhancements translate to vastly expanded possibilities for sound design and avant-garde music.


Arturia ARP 2600
File size: 123.3 MB | Arturia ARP 2600
With its sound palette varying from heavy drum n' bass stabs to angular arpeggiated electro bass lines, whatever your chosen genre, the 2600 is a truly versatile sound creation tool which still takes its place at the heart of today's music.


Audials One 2018.1.45300.0 Multilingual
File size: 145 MB | Audials One 2018.1.45300.0 Multilingual
Audials One 2018 - the leader of online stores for movie, music, TV, and DVDs. It will help you find, record, download, convert and enjoy free and legal music, movies, video and radio round the clock. Audials One may give you more music than you could ever listen to and more videos than you could ever watch, and all for free. If you want to get the most entertainment out of the Internet and all media, you will find the perfect fit in Audials One.

Versilian Studios The Strumstick Native Instruments KONTAKT
Versilian Studios The Strumstick Native Instruments KONTAKT
DISCOVER | April/26Th/2018 | 1.25GB
What has only three strings and has a sound somewhere between a banjo and a guitar? No, I'm not talking about student violins from China, I'm talking about the McNally Strumstick, or more specifically the Diatonic D Grand, our victim today.

Sonus Dept Empyrealm Native Instruments KONTAKT
Sonus Dept Empyrealm Native Instruments KONTAKT
DISCOVER | April/26Th/2018 | 2.56GB
Empyrealm is a sound library for Native Instruments Kontakt. Empyrealm is a complete and affordable solution for all those looking for atmospheric sounds in the broader sense of term, from ethereal pads to eerie drones, from nature sounds to diaphanous metal percussions. This huge library, featuring over 2.8 GB of sounds and 67 Kontakt patches, is made up of these modules.